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Link began writing email to his human friends soon after he arrived at his Dad's place. The first letters were addressed to his vet. Then he discovered a cute girl in Australia who thought he was "studly," so he started writing to her. His spelling is a bit off sometimes (Her name isn't really "Eyeliner"), but his heart's in the right place.

Table of Contents
  1. Dear Dr. Jen: Banned at the Lake
  2. Dear Dr. Jen: My Creek Got Ducks
  3. Dear Dr. Jen: We Find Some Bunnies
  4. Dear Eyeliner: Hello, Eyeliner!
  5. Dear Eyeliner: Gone Draggin'
  6. Dear Eyeliner: Ball Weirdness
  7. Dear Eyeliner: A Venture to the Lake
  8. Dear Eyeliner: The Treat Shirt
  9. Dear Eyeliner: Furry Dozens: The Raccoon Dude
  10. Dear Eyeliner: Howly Cars!
  11. Dear Eyeliner: Barking at Evil
  12. Dear Eyeliner: Neighbors with Sheep Feet
  13. Dear Robbie: Big Spiders & Jumpy Bags
First Letter: Banned at the Lake
Table of Contents:
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Link Letters

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