Eyeliner: Female Person of Mystery!!

Link Letters

Link muses on the weirdness of humans.

Link's friend Eyeliner was photographed making a grand spectacle of herself. Picture on the left offered as evidence. If Link ever has a best girl, she's gonna be it.

Observations on Ball Throwing

Dear Eyeliner,

He throws the ball away. I bring it back. He throws it away again. I bring it back. He gets all whiney about letting him have it. I give it to him. He throws it away. I briiiiiiiiiiiiiiinggggggg it back. I lie down to catch my breath, but I keep an eye on the ball and grab it if he tries anything.

He gets grumpy about the ball. "Come on, let me have it." I give up. He grabs the ball. HE THROWS IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!

Humans are weird.

Your fiend,


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