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The lake is infested with Giardia, so we seldom went there. Then Link lost his lake privileges by ignoring requests that he not race off to chase geese and anything else that caught his fancy. It was year before he talked me into trying again.

A Venture to the Lake

Dear Eyeliner,

Sunday we had a venture. My Dad calls them ventures when I try to do something new so he won't fall asleep on our walks. Like turning here instead of going straight. He says Crom (my uncle that smelled in the house when I came) would have ventures when they took friends on walks.

So Sunday we had a venture that was HARD WORK!! For this one, I had to think about it, and that makes my ears itch sometimes.

I made the normal walk real short, and when we were almost at the end, there was the turn for the lake so I asked if we could go that way that we never go it's toward the lake and he said Ok we can have a venture if you want because it was Sunday and he didn't have to go to work and he wasn't tired because we walked too long. (There's the thinking part, see?)

So we went to the light before the lake and he said Let's go this way to go round and come back but I looked across the street and he figured it out so he stood there and then he said what the hell why not and we went across. That was the REAL venture! We were going to the lake!!

The lake is big smelly water with birds but you can't drink it and once I did and I had soupy poop for a week and my dad said See but he was nice about it. There's also good trash to smell and to eat if it was Ok but THAT'S A Bad DOG so I don't unless it's really good and he's not looking and swallow quick but he still notices like has more eyes I can't see.

I got in trouble a long time ago at the lake so we never would go there any more but we were going. The lake is way cool because of goose poop and some squirrels. And there's a goose if there's poop. Even I know that! So lots of them if it's starting to get warm and it's not but there was some and I didn't chase them this time and run away so maybe we can go this week. I can smell Sunday is coming and maybe we can go. I'll tell you.

Your fiend,


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