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Link figured out squirrels during his days as a stray. Bunnies are a lot more fun for some reason.

We See Some Bunnies and Link Gets in Trouble

Dear Dr. Jen,

So last weekend my dad finally, finally took me to "see the bunnies." Guess what? "Bunnies" are squirrels with their tails on their heads but smell neat. So we saw some squirrels and that was cool but on the leash and then there was a squirrel and he let me loose to run and so I ran. And then there was a bunny! Man did I run then!

Humans are so weird. I got in trouble. I ran and ran, and he was running too so it was fun but he was mad and I didn't notice because I was chasing the bunny all over and he was whistling but I was kinda busy so I ran some more and then I ran past him and there were some other people and laughing but I don't know why. So he yelled at me I came over to find out what and got hitched up and said I wasn't ready for bunnies. What does he think? I'm gonna get faster?

Who needs bunnies anyway. He's so old I think his salinity is getting the better of him.

Your fiend,


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