Link discovers the bone thief

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Link's buddy Eyeliner is a girl in Australia with a cat named Isa and a dog named Maggie (oh, and a Mom). Link wrote to Eyeliner's mom a few times and Eyeliner found out about it.

Of course she wanted her own letter, and Link was glad to oblige. In her youth, Eyeliner had bitten her mom. How Link found out, I don't recall.

Eyeliner and the Bone Thief

Dear Eyeliner,

My dad says you want a letter from me because you think I'm cool so here you are. He told you about the fox that she took my bone!? I didn't catch her but I could smell it was her and she was all over and her teeth on my bone so it was her. I said, "That's my bone!" and she said, "Ritz? Imp lits ritz bom?" And she looked like "What's your problem, dog person?" So I said "It's my bone!" and she said, "Griddle. Snape ritz gridding end bom." I dunno what that means but it sounded mean and her ears back so I yelled at her.

I know, "No barking and no jumping up." But it was my bone!! I don't jump up but I want to because I want to say hello and the part you say hello on my dad is way up high so I jump sometimes but I smile so he knows I'm nice. He still says, "No jumping!" like I said, "It's my bone!" so I guess he's still mad. But if he gets down so I can reach the hello part then I wag and push on him 'cause I like to push and it's Ok but sometimes, when I push too hard and he falls down. More yelling.

Not really yelling. He just talks fierce like when your mom says, "OUCH! Be careful with those teeth!" It's like yelling only quiet.

But I yelled at the fox and she just looked disgusted like, "What IS your problem?" What's the use? I just have to watch my bones. Maybe my dad will give her her own bone. But where's he going to get one? The bones are all mine, see? So it's a quandraly.

Say hello to your cat that I like them too, and I'm wagging.

PS: The picture proves the bone, huh?

PPS: Do you like squirrels?

PPPS: I do.

PPPPS: That's all for now.

Your fiend,


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