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Link's buddy Eyeliner is a girl in Australia with a cat named Isa and a dog named Maggie (oh, and a Mom). Link gets confused sometimes because everything in Australia is upside down.

Link Goes for a Drag

Dear Eyeliner,

I hope the hot got there by now. It's cold here now, so walkin' is really cool (Get it?).

Y'know, walkin' is the best thing we do, but I wish my dad would PLEASE HURRY UP! We get outside and he says "Wait" so I wait while he lights his cigar, then we start and I hafta drag him along. He keeps saying "Slow down" but I forget and there we are, draggin' down the street. And the worst part is, he hitches the leash to my COLLAR, so I'm dragging him by my neck.

I mean, com'on! If he'd get me one of those nice harnesses we saw at Petsmart, then he could hitch up to the harness and I wouldn't spend the WHOLE walk gasping and panting. I mean, we get home, and I collapse under the desk with my tongue hanging out and panting and crosseyed and he says, "I hope it's not your heart. You're too young to be tired after such a short walk." Well, duh.

I hope you are better and your mom is better and everything is cool but not too cold, 'cause cold is nasty sometimes too. We only had about three weeks of summer this year. My dad says it's global warning. But he doesn't say about what.

Well, time to go draggin.' See ya... sort of.

Your fiend,


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