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It was a hot summer, our first year, and with the lake gone, we needed to find another way to keep cool on walks. Our vet vetoed standing water, but we found a creek that emptied into the South Platte.

Link Finds out about Ducks!

Dear Dr. Jen,

We went to the creek and I splashed and splashed and even swam (DON'T TELL POP) and walked along the trail and pooped and went to the bridge and came back and got in the water and it was cool (get it?). And we walked west and I got hot and Dad said Time to head home but we got to go east alot too.

There were two great big dogs and I wanted to play with them but the lady kept saying No Simba and the black one was pulling and looking at me like I was a squirrel so I didn't argue with Dad.

And there were ducks after the big dogs! There's ducks in the lake but you can't chase them and geese. But ducks in the creek are OK! So I ran in the creek and there was one duck and squawked and paddled and flew and I ran, and then there were more ducks, four of them that squeaked but they were little so I chased the big one instead of the little ones but they were paddling and squeaking and Dad yelling and running No No but I was busy.

So I chased the big duck a lot and then couldn't find my dad and he was lost, and then he whistled a lot and I found him. And there was the duck again and he said No more ducks but I think he just meant for then because we're going back today and I bet there will be some ducks. Maybe lots!!!

While we walked back to the car the big duck flew and she was squawking and there was some squeaking when she got back where I found her and Dad said Her babies are crying but they sounded like ducks to me.

Your fiend,


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