It's a strange world. And jumpy bags don't help.

Link Letters

Link wrote to his Aunt Robbie the famous artist about a letter he got from Eyeliner.

Big Spiders and Jumpy Bags

Dear Robbie,

I have a girl with letters for me sometimes. She's ten and she saw big spiders and was screaming and jumping around. They were in the bathroom, and people are weird about bathrooms, but she said it's not weird that was one big scary spider and then she saw another one and so much for camping. I know just what she means because weird stuff like big spiders is scary like jumpy bags. I get scared of jumpy bags and last night there was one. We were out walking and it was a nice place with kittycat smells and a small dog but inside mostly so we don't get yelled at. I worry about yelling.

But it's not as bad as jumpy bags when they yell. We are just walking along, and when we get to the corner I get a treat because I sit like a good dog and more later. And then that bag jumped up and crinkled at me and whacked the fence and tried to get through. I got down low to be safe and snuck up but it crinkled some more. My poor dad is blivious to scary bags; I bet one will get him one day and I'll be in trouble. Him too.

He's says, "It's just a bag," but that's like it's just a spider. Or it's just a great big hairy drooly bear that wants to bite off your head, spread some raspberry ice cream on your shirt, and chow down and pick his teeth with your bones. Just!!!

Anyway, the bag got stopped by the fence, just like the dog that wants to eat me, so it was Ok. I'm glad fences work mostly, except for the dog with sheep feet and the time my dad left ours open and I got to go in the front yard with no leash on or anything except my collar because that would be embarrassing and he didn't yell at me because it was his fault. Sunday we got to go to the lake and no jumpy bags.

Your fiend,


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