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Link began writing letters to his vet during our first summer together. A bout of Giardia resulted in her suggesting that the lake near the house was not a good walking venue.

Link Is Banned at the Lake

Dear Dr. Jen,

My dad says you told him no more lakes! I thought you were my friend, but no more lakes?!

I pulled and cried and he just said, "I'm sorry, but no lakes today." So we got in the car and he took me to The Crick. I don't know what a crick is but with runny water and he says you like runny water and got birds and noisy kids and hot dogs I can't have any.

So the water was running and I ran in the water and chased birds and smelled and ran some more and slurped runny water and fell and got wet and shook on Pop cause he's my dad and chased birds and pooped and walked fast and smelled squirrels and kids and something fuzzy that was gone. And now I'm pooped. (Get it?)

I like cricks best so who needs stinky lakes.

Your fiend,


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