The Crom Gallery

A friend once told me about a prayer he'd seen somewhere: "Lord, help me be the person my dog thinks I am." Nothing loves like a dog, and a great dog deserves public notice. Crom is ten, and he is the love of my life. People come and go, briefly engaged with their human intensities, but he and I have partnered faithfully from the day I saw him in the animal shelter, a ten-week-old puppy who expressed his joy at meeting me by piddling on my shoe.

We've weathered a divorce and a handful of love affairs, and he has taken in the women of my life, and their children, with generosity of spirit I wish humans could emulate. And he has grieved for each departure, more quietly than I but as deeply. When Madeleine moved on, he slept every night for a week on the spot where her son's bed at been. He has taught me how love works, both its cost and its value. There is no surer truth than the cynical barb, "If you want love, get a dog."

I've written some essays he figures in, which you can find listed, with links, at the bottom of this page.
Dancing Badger
This project, which is just a scrapbook with no literary or photographic pretensions, began as a private site for his friends, and I decided recently, as we begin what will probably be our last year, that there was no reason it shouldn't be public. So here is my shameless testimony of love, respect, and gratitude, a record of his joyous life.

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In the Land of the Convert Hunters

DogBoy Gotta Stick

When you gotta stick,
you gotta run!

Same Stick

An' run.


See Above

An' run.

Moving Forward.

Yes, I'm done. Thank you.


Let's Take Your Picture in the Creek, He Says

Nothing' much doin' here. Just sittin' in the creek, gettin' my picture took. Not much to do, not much to see.

Wake Up Call.

'Cept that rabbit.


Crom!!! Dog of Spuds!!!!

The Nose That Never Fails

Hmmm. ...a two-year-old squirrel, weighing 4 ounces and with a slight limp, passed by here recently. She had sunflower seeds for breakfast, is unhappy in her personal relationships, and wants to relocate to British Columbia.

Well, Almost Never

Hey! It was a cat!!
Time's a wastin'!


Nice Cat

Ah, that was refreshing.
And not filling, either.

The Dreaded Weed

It's called a scrape, Ok?
An' it's addictive, but it ain't illegal. Ok?
So can I get a little privacy?


Renaissance Dog

I can be statuesque.
But take the picture, huh?

Hitting the Trail

Don't be a wuss, Pop.
Mud is just dirt that got wet.


Lookin' for a Challenge

I wish we'd see a moose or somethin'.

Long Day Wanes

Or a cab....

Exploring the Limpopo

What hippopotamus?
I don't see no hippopotamus.

Back to Work

Enough frivolousness. We got trees to sniff and squirrels to roust.

—Mick McAllister

The Topics

  • In Memoriam: Crom — February 14, 1991 - March 23, 2004
  • Dog Wits and Bird Brains—Essays on Animal Intelligences
  • Speaking Dog — Lessons in Bilingual Communication
  • Six Hundred Words — Developing Your Canine Vocabulary
  • Black Squirrels and Dog Nets — Some Thoughts on Animal Intelligence
  • Crom's Own Pages — A Tribute to True Love
  • Read about Animal Intelligence — An Survey of Books on the Subject

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