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Whose Woods These Are

A Frosty Afternoon

Whose woods these are,
I think you know.

New Snow Is Cool. Get It?

Stopping here?
Sure, if you like.


Ever Notice How He Seems to Always Be Shooting Pictures of My Butt?

This bush is lovely.
Dark and deep.

It's What Noses Are For, Y'Know

So're these weeds,
if you're wondering.


Ok. Done That. Let's Go.

But I have many trails to smell.

We're Not Done Yet, Huh?

And miles to go, as you can tell.


The Wall

Very Important Landmark

Hmm. That Chow's been back.

Almost Home

In the stretch, Pop.
Let's move it.


Long Morning

Then again, maybe we could take a break.


I'm not stickin' my tongue out.
That Chow needs a bath.


Cooling the Tummy

Even without the sun, walkin' is hard work. Just gimme a minute, Ok?


What, you can't lick your own nose?


Ahhh. Revived

Changed my mind.
Let's go check out the lake.
Come on! No time like now!


The Christmas Ball (and Bones)

Gonna Build Me a Cow

You know, if a kid can never have too many Legos, then....

Morning Stretch and Inventory

Bone-counting. Hard work? Yup.
Boring? Uh-hunh.
What's your point?


The Christmas Ball

My big brother brought me this great ball for Christmas. Zowee!

Preliminary Investigation

Sounds good, smells good, tastes good, matches the decor...


You Gotta Good Ball, Use It

Come on! Try an' take it.

More Temptation

A new rubber chew ring, too? Let me think about it, Ok?


Bones Are Just Wealth. A Ball Is Love

What does it profit a dog, if he gain all the bones, and lose his ball?

Christmas Philosophy

Leastways, that's what I think.
Merry Christmas!



—Mick McAllister

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