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The Robber Bride,
by Margaret Atwood
Nobody writes better than Margaret Atwood. Here's my essay on her masterpiece, The Robber Bride. [more...]

Code Talkers
American Indian languages provided unbreakable wartime codes, and American Indian soldiers were the key to victory in the Pacific. [more...]

Four Walks,
and Four More

... was a gift for a friend who found my fiction too dark and hopeless. It was selected for presentation at the 2002 Western Literature Association. [more...]

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"Dancing Badger"?
Why "Dancing Badger"?

Here's the short answer, attached to a series of essays in honor of my favorite family, the mustelids. [more...]


Blind Sight, by Carol O'Connell

Kathy Mallory is back and so is Carol O'Connell's wonderful blend of suspense and grotesquery. After the misfire of It Happens in the Dark, it's heartening to see both of them back on track. This one, twelfth in the series, ranks right up there with the best of them: Winter House, Stone Angel, and Killing Critics [more...].

Fuqua's Magnificent Seven

Sensitive to the charge that my response to the 2016 remake of The Magnificent Seven might be prejudiced by my affection for the original film (and Kurosawa's Seven Samurai), I've written a detailed analysis of the film's shortcomings.[more...].

In Memoriam: Crom
1991 - 2004

"Such a good boy."